NOTE: if a file name is in blue, it has a report linked to it. If it is listed, but not blue text, no report has been filed for that item.

Compressed File Containing all reports
Each link below is one report in the packet
All of the reports will be included in the compressed file, after all reports have been filed..

SWS Committee Chair List

Amelia Earhart Scholarship Report

Airmarking Report and History

Forest of Friendship Report


Nominating Committee Report

Oral History Report

SWS Membership Report

National Intercollegiate Flying Association

PR Chair Report and Handout

SWS Sister Section


Tax Chair Report

Website Report

Wings Committee Report

Winter Workshop Info

Winter Workshop Registration

WPOY – Woman Pilot of the Year

Young Eagles Report

Tuscon Treasure Hunt

Coachella Valley Fly-In Camp-Out

Antelope Valley 99s Social Oct 5