Pat Chan

1] Governor – Pat Chan, Bay Cities Chapter

In 1984, I became a 99 and served as Vice-Chairman and Chairman for the Bay Cities Chapter.

Over the years I was fortunate to be a delegate at Southwest Section Meetings and 99s International Conferences.

I was elected Southwest Section Nominating Committee Chairman in 2016. Then in 2017, elected as a 99s Museum of Women Pilots Trustee.

As Southwest Section Vice-Governor, in 2018, I worked with chapters to determine the next six Southwest Section Meeting hosts.

My 2020–2022 Southwest Section Governor’s term has been marked by a pandemic. Southwest Section Board of Directors and Chapters transitioned from in-person, to online, to hybrid (in-person and online) section meetings and winter workshops. We overcame many challenges and continued the business of the Southwest Section as members joined together.

With your votes, if re-elected, I plan to do better in another term as Southwest Section Governor.