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Public Relations Awards Center

Public relations is human relations. It’s how we interact with and present ourselves to the outside world. It begins with the methods and activities employed to establish a favorable relationship with the public.

Awards Competition:

Awards Entry Forms

All of the files below are in PDF


  • Checklist
    Use a checklist to ensure you are covering all the essential points when writing press release, editorial, media alerts, or any PR materials.
  • Resources
    Books, online site and much more to help publicize an event.
  • Tips for a Great Press Release
    7 steps for creating a great press release.


  • Media Alert
    Media alerts are sent out either in lieu of a press release, or in addition to a press release. If sent out in addition to a press release, they are generally sent out much closer to the event date.
  • Media Kit
    A list of documents typically found in a well-developed public relations program:
  • Pitch Letter
    A sample letter to send to the media.
  • Press Release
    A sample press release to send to the media.
  • Public Service Announcement (PSA)
    Two samples of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) provided by Chevron. Both are short and to the point, double-spaced and capped for easy reading.


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